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May 23, 2005



Lord have mercy, Mo! I had an experience like that once where a colleague and I were thrown under the bus for basically nothing. I think the VP just wanted a reason to bitch. I was PISSED. Ugh! Sorry you had such a crappy day, hun. I can't wait 'til you're outta there.


some doctors can be such assholes. I can't believe that your office wouldn't stand up for you- that sucks worse. My doctors office has a "zero tolerance" policy of staff abuse, and have signs about that all over the office. I didn't even think too much about that until i read your post today.
hope the next place is better- there's no excuse for berating staff.


Oh my god that is so annoying!


Where on earth are ya woman? Hoep things are ok....just checking in. alex

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