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October 31, 2004



As if we needed it...more proof that Texas is a scary place, indeed! Keeping fingers crossed that NM goes blue!

Carrie Jo

Damn! I'm so glad I live in the bubble of San Francisco. I am more or less protected from raging idiots like that. I just don't understand how people can think GWB would better protect them.

Did you know that for the past 17 elections, the Redskins (football team) have determined who wins the presidency. Everytime the Redskins have lost their last game before the election, the incumbent also lost. Everytime the Redskins won, the incumbent also won. For this year, their game was yesterday (Sunday) and the Redskins lost, so lets keep our fingers crossed that the tradition continues!

Dead Bug

Yeah. And who would Iran's security council president vote for? Eh?

Maybe that's one difference between the parties: Not a whole lot of scare-mongering minivan graffiti being perpetrated by the Dems. At least not in my supremely liberal part of the world.

Oh, it is all so ridiculous. Please, for the love of Mike, let Kerry win tomorrow. Everyone with a conscience needs to vote.

Sorry you are exposed to this. We are thankfully spared such such jackasses here in Oakland.


That is So.Very.Frightening.


Well, in the lovely realm of Broward County Florida (where I live) it's pure madness today. Polling places are innundated with problems and voter harassment. I will be watching and waiting pensively for good news that Bush has been redefeated.

If not, God help us all.


eww! ick! It's so good to be an American where we can all vote... but pictures like this make me wonder whether some people shouldn't get to. heh.


Who wants to break the news to those folks that you can't end a sentence in a preposition?

~ ah, the joys of living in Texas. At least I'm in Liberal-ville, TX.


Wow! It is official -- I'm scared shitless!

People like this blow my mind. . .


yes be very afaid cuz im coming after you and you momma beeeeyyyaaachhhhh bye


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