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October 08, 2004



So, I had to go back through your archives looking for the entry about your airline experience. Wow. Pretty freaky that she found that entry.


You may thing nothing is going on... but I'm so glad you checked in anyways.

p.s. I play MK:DD too! Very addictive! I also play Peach/Daisy in the Gold car. Daisy is a much better driver!


HOW ODD about that man. Kind of sad too. Still, more freaky than sad. lol

Have fun this weekend!


If you want to go somewher in Texas, feel free to drop by. Not that you'd be able to find us on a map, since even Pizza hut can't find us...

Okay, back to the Sims. I'm glad to hear that you are doing okay. Take care!


Don't let the crazy people at the college or on the internet drive you nuts. Glad you're feeling better. You're probably too nice to do this, but if that woman from Continental keeps bothering you, forward the emails to her supervisor.

hang in there.


I agree with Chris...forward ALL of those emails to the Continental supervisor. It's totally out of line for her to be emailing you personally. I'm sorry about all the other stuff, especially psycho man. Egad.

Keep your head up... :)


I'm glad you checked in too. Sounds like you are definitely hanging in there. Sometimes just living like a normal person is the bravest thing you can do!


Isn't it amazing there are so many freaky people in the world? We once had a woman repeatedly calling and leaving us messages because she was looking for her ex-husband who happened to have my husband's common name. The messages were long and drawn out and strange, and no number left. One day the real guy she was trying to reach called us and left a confused message. His ex had left this number in her message to him at his work. My husband called him back and told him what had been going on. I also changed our phone message to let her know personally that she had a wrong number.

This guy bothering you doesn't even have the right name. So sorry.

Glad you're hanging in here.

Carrie Jo

Where do these weirdos come from? I agree that the woman's supervisor should receive those e-mails. Does she think she's morally exempt because of her claim that she's a christian? As if you're not? How did she find what you wrote about her anyway?

Anyhoo, It's good to see you're alive and well. Don't let the freaks get you down :o)


My goodness -- I see what you mean about the drama! Have a wonderful trip!


your life is boring after reading this im glad that i live the life that i live. YOUR SUCH A LAME. THANK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY


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