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September 07, 2004



Once again, it's fabulous to see you back! I'm also glad to hear things are looking up for you, with regards to the pregnancy, since last you posted.

Don't be a stranger, and have fun on your little trip!

Jen P

Hope your trip to see the balloons is a good one and that you guys are doing well.


I was so happy to see an update from you, sweetie! I've missed you terribly, and I've been thinking about you every day just hoping for the best possible outcome here. No matter what happenb, please know that we'll all be by your side in your time of joy or sorrow, okay? I'm so glad that you'll be getting to enjoy the balloon show, too. My bio mother used to take me to a big one here in MI when I was little, and I always remember it with such happiness. They're gorgeous when they're all blown up!


12w6d, does this mean things aren't so grom, and that maybe I can say congratulations? Take care sweety.


Good lord, you were freaking me out. So does this mean it's okay? I really hope all is well. Keep us posted.

Oh and (whispers) congrats!


I'm glad to hear from you.

Take care of yourself.

Carrie Jo

Thank GOD you posted!!! I was getting worried about you. I was checking back here every hour to see if you had posted ANY thing yet. I am quietly praying for sticky and healthy vibes for you. And don't be a stranger dammit! I missed you.


Glad to see your post, as was worried. Please do take care - am thinking about you and hoping all will be well.


Thinking of you...

la gringa

Welcome back. I missed you. Keep on taking care of yourself and update whenever you're ready. . .I'll be thinking of you.

la gringa


I was getting a little worried about you. I have been tempted to e-mail you, but I felt you probably needed some space.

Anyway, I hope and pray this baby proves that nurse wrong. If the test was such a problem, then why didn't the doctor talk to you. I am thinking the nurse got ahead of herself.

But just in case, I will not wish you congratulations just yet. I will wish that you relax and take care of yourself for the next few weeks.

Love you!


I'm so glad you updated! I have been checking back relentlessly for any news. First of all, that nurse has no idea if you will make it to 14 weeks or 34 weeks based on numbers on a piece of paper. I think you are doing the right thing by living your life normally. I just want you to know that I am praying for you and the little one. Continue to take care of yourself and please keep us posted. I will continue to keep checking daily!


I'm glad you finally posted. Take care. I'm thinking of you and Ashley and praying that you both stay "okay" through all of this. And hoping that perhaps things aren't as grim as they seem. (Feel free to slap me if I get too hopeful...)

And now on to the *important* stuff. Have you preordered The Sims 2 yet?


whoa, girl. miss you, thinking of you, glad you are okay. wishing you only the best.


I want to post but I have no idea what to say. Enjoy the balloon festival? Yea, enjoy the balloon festival. And take care of yourself. And you're in my thoughts. :)


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